winter whites

Aspirations for the winter and the new year:

1. create something new every day Whether it’s a quick poem, a new recipe, a sharpie sketch on a napkin, or a mini handsewn pincushion, I will try my hardest to use the spare minutes I have to bring something new into my world.

2. wake up earlier As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more and more affected by SAD.  It was especially bad last winter. I’d like to take advantage of what little sunlight we get up here in the north.  Even 9:00 would be an improvement.

3. submit grad school application Enough said.

4. drink more water, eat more vegetables and fresh fruit

5. get out of debt Student loans aside, I am in a mess of debt.  I’d like to get the credit cards, or even just one (out of three) credit card, entirely paid off.  I’m looking at you, tax return.

6. refresh my Latin This was something I wanted to do over the summer, but never got to it.

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