birthday girls

I turned 26 six days ago, which I suppose is a rather incredible feat given my uncanny ability to injure myself on a daily basis (plus I never remember to take my vitamins).  But here I am.  Hip, hip, hooray!

I spent my birthday with my dearest friend at the world’s largest arcade (oh yes).  I played lots of skee ball and obscure classic games, and had an absolutely incredible day.

Anyway.  Now that the day is past, I’ve scanned a few of my birthday favourites from my mother’s old collection of greeting cards.  These were all given to her as a child, circa  late 1950s-1960s.  The whole lot, mostly valentines,  is actually in rather pristine condition.  My father found them a year or so ago and gave them to me.

And that’s that.

Happy day, folks.


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