Yesterday I received what appears to be the last of my birthday packages, a bag of fleur de sel chocolate caramels from Calabasas Candy Company (Thanks, C.).

These little beauties are melt in your mouth amazing.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had salted caramel, but I’ve never eaten anything quite like these.  They’re buttery and sweet with a nice chocolate undertone, punctuated here and there with a hint of salt.  It’s the salt that gets me every time.  The crystals sparkle briefly, beautifully, and then fade away to be replaced by Peruvian dark chocolate and deep, not-quite-burnt sugar.

With my bag (15 individually wrapped pieces), I also received a sample piece of their cream caramel, which is your basic everyday caramel, but with a kick of intense vanilla flavour. The other caramel varities are intriguing and I’m really interested to try a couple of them out, specifically the lemon zest and the lavender fleur de sel. 

via calabasas candy
via calabasas candy

They also make truffles, nougat, and marshmallow, all in some pretty amazing sounding flavours (pumpkin spice! cinnamon sugar! more lavender!).

You can check out Calabasas online store here.  Prices are totally reasonable and everything is packaged really beautifully in a cello bag with colourful label and satin bow.


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One thought on “caramelovely

  1. discloner October 21, 2010 at 4:20 pm Reply

    Save one for me to try! :)

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