I have been incredibly inspired by A Collection A Day.  As a girl with a tendency to collect and catalog, the project really speaks to me.  It’s like a mini museum! The entries I like most are the unique ones like day 287 (lichen) or day 213 (plastic and wood rings), because she posts a lot of paper ephemera and vintage sewing and office supplies and things of that nature.  It’s nice to see something a little different and unexpected.

via collection a day

It’s fascinating for me to see the objects that different people choose to hold on to, and how they share them with others.  The objects we choose to keep allow us to display aspects of our personalities that may otherwise not be seen or noticed, and the same thing can be said for the way we choose to physically organize and display them.

It’s also fascinating to think of the whys, because they’re different for everyone. I know, certainly, that my story is not going to be the same as any other person’s.

For me, it’s mostly about having some level of control when other aspects of life seem beyond my control.  And actually, I have a difficult time coming to terms with things in my life actually being outside the realm of my control, but that’s something for another time.  Anyway.  When things are a little too crazy, when I’m feeling a bit too manic, I’m able to rearrange and colour code to my heart’s content. I will be honest, here.  My life has not been particularly crazy.  I’ve always just been a little bit too sensitive to the things happening around me, and it helps to have my own little system, something to calm myself down.  I recognize it, and I suppose it ought to be noted here that I have a history of obsessive compulsive habits.  It’s relevant.  I’m probably a little manic-depressive.  Having never been to a doctor about this kind of thing (or anything, lately!), I really don’t know.  There’s only so much internet self-diagnosis I can practice before I consider it utterly ridiculous.

vintage fruit and flower magnets

But, even if I did not need to calm myself down on occasion, I think I would still probably be a collector.  All of my belongings hold special meaning or provide me with some level of pleasure.  I started collecting the magnets above because my nana had them on her fridge while I was growing up, and antique tea cups and saucers make me feel downright giddy.

(Oh. While we’re talking about OCD, I will tell you right now that the grape magnet on the top left hand corner of that scan is driving me absolutely bonkers.)


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