well, hi

Gosh it’s already November.

I did some things, today.  I made some things.  For you, in fact.  Oh, just some sort of lacey floral PS brushes.  I don’t know.  I thought maybe you’d enjoy them.  You can use them to decorate photos and such, if you’d like.  I bet you’re clever and you’ll think of something nifty.

Honestly, these are not my best work.  The ones I’ve uploaded here are the third reincarnation and I’m still not entirely satisfied.  But they’ll do.  The title isn’t very clever, either.  Floral Lace?  Seriously?  Gracious.  Clearly not on my A-game today.  Sorry about that.

As I was attempting to make the preview graphic above (which you can click to download the .abr file!), I discovered I had no fonts. That’s absurd. Seriously. So I went on a bit of a font downloading spree, during which I realized that, in addition to variations on typewriter fonts, I seem to be particularly fond of calligraphy and script.  That’s something I didn’t know about myself.  Now you know, too.  Neat!

I also accomplished some grown-up things today, like taking a shower and applying for jobs and going to the bank.  The walk to the bank was lovely and the sunshine lifted my spirits a bit.  I’m not super down, mind you. Things are going alright and I’m proud to report that I’m migraine free.  I have lots of little projects to work on, a big important test to study for, books to read, and recipes to try out (Murder She Wrote to watch).  I need to soak up the daylight while I still can, though, and sometimes that takes a little extra willpower when I have so many nice indoor things with which to occupy myself.

Being unemployed isn’t so awful at all.  I’ve got lots and lots of free time, I just don’t have any money.

That is a bit of a hangup.

On the positive side, my lack of funds has forced me to be far more creative and thoughtful.   I also eat way less junk food!

(We’ll ignore that I just ate a bowl of potatoes and corn smothered in black pepper and sour cream for dinner, ok?)


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2 thoughts on “well, hi

  1. daysonebyone November 4, 2010 at 12:39 pm Reply

    So the old ball & chain got his rotation schedule and will be gone for 14 weeks starting in mid/late April. Its mostly going to suck, especially cooking for myself. When I lived alone in college, it slowly became clear that “cooking for myself” usually just means melting cheese on various things and having a beer.
    So i probably won’t poop for the entire time he’s gone.

    • Naomi November 4, 2010 at 1:47 pm Reply

      Melted cheese and I are really, really close pals.

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