the lights from the christmas tree blow up the telly

I like you, whoever you are.

It’s raining, today, and cold, so I’ve made a rather absurdly large pot of coffee and have been drinking it and singing holiday music to my tortoise (he doesn’t care) and scanning some vintage Christmas cards for you to play with.

Clicking on this here link will result in the download of  five pretty biggish .jpg files in a zip folder, assuming I did everything right. You should do that.  Here’s one of them, but smaller.

I think they’re kind of pretty.  Some of them have glitter.  Maybe I’ll have more for you later.  Ho ho ho.

In the next few days, I hope to accomplish the following:

  • silk nog
  • at-home dinner date with a fine chap I know
  • solidify my holiday plans, whatever they may be
  • christmas cookies [*]
  • finish up my minimal gift shopping and making
  • laundry (not holiday related, but necessary)
  • muppet christmas carol & olive the other reindeer (probably alone, which is honestly a little depressing)

[*] The Christmas cookie making depends on how much I decide I like people at work.  I can’t very well make batches of cookies with no way to get rid of them (other than eating them all and turning awfully rolly poly).


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