planet pretty

Here are a few of my personal friendly favourites.

herbalism facial cleanser by LUSH (vegan)

rose liquid soap, Dr. Bronners (vegan)

We typically used either almond or lavender in the house while I was growing up, but the rose is my personal choice.

amandopondo bubble bar by LUSH (vegan)

mange too massage bar by LUSH (contains honey)

Mange Too is edible.  It smells and tastes divine, and is perfect for elbows and knees and toes other yummy bits.

squeaky green solid shampoo by LUSH (vegan)

This was the shampoo I used for the three months I lived in China.  While solid shampoos do take a bit of getting used to, especially with longer hair, they’re totally worth it.  They’re easy to travel with, take up hardly any space, and because there’s no bottle to screw around with, every little bit gets used.

conditioner in lavender by Avalon Organics (vegan)

creamy cocoa and sweet orange lip balms by Badger (contain beeswax)

Badger lip balms are huge and last forever, totally ideal for a lip product junkie.


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2 thoughts on “planet pretty

  1. Caitlin January 12, 2011 at 9:41 am Reply

    hi naomi! i’m glad you said hello, especially since now i can stalk your blog back :) ps i also love that you’re working at goodwill–i literally go there every week and pay special close attention to the fantastic selection of books (for so cheap!)

  2. […] personal care products, some of which are reserved for complete splurges. Consider this an addendum.  These are the products I use regularly, many of which are inexpensive and available at […]

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