review: SpaRitual nail polish

SpaRitual nail polish uses eco-friendly packaging (the bottles are up to 50% recycled glass) and vegan ingredients.  Their polishes use naturally derived colours and are free of DBP, formaldehyde, and toluene!  Check out their website, here.

I’ve never bothered looking for any sort of alternative nail polish until the last year or so (after working at Claire’s and just being generally disgusted by and disappointed in American consumerism).  That being said, SpaRitual is not a new company, but it’s new to me!  And I’m pretty excited about it!  Given how infrequently I paint my nails, I feel comfortable spending a little bit more money on a brand that takes environmental issues to heart.

I honestly think their numerology / colour therapy philosophy, while interesting, is a little over-the-top. If you hover over the colour swatches on the website, you can get info about each colour’s numerological meaning.  I don’t get it.  I don’t necessarily want to.  Because let’s be real, even though I do think it’s pretty clever marketing, I’m personally not going to choose a colour based on any of that stuff.

I tried Airhead (thanks to eBay), which is a sheer pastel pink from the airy sopranos “colour harmony” (most of which I can see myself wearing).  I keep my nails super short and generally tend to stick to light colours and neutrals when I use polish.

The bottle recommends two coats, but for my purposes I just did one quick one on my left hand.  Were I to actually follow through, I would definitely use two coats and follow up with a clear top coat for a bit more shine.  What further sets this brand apart is the brush itself.  It’s shorter and thinner than average, and the cap is more comfortable to hold on to.  This allows clumsy impatient folks like myself a little bit more forgiveness.

Now I suppose I ought to mention that lasting power isn’t a huge deal for me, since I am constantly picking at my fingers.  It doesn’t matter how long a polish is supposed to last; for me, it never does.  I painted this on, let it dry, snapped a couple photos, and removed it an hour or so later.

All in all, I’m liking this product.  If I find myself actually using it more often, I may try some other colours.  What’s nice for spring?  I don’t keep track of these things.

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