sweet kuppin’ cakes

A fun little bakery recently popped up over in Rochester.  Sweet Kuppin’ Cakes focuses their efforts entirely on the cupcake (and caffeinated beverages).  I am a cupcake (and caffeinated beverages) gal, so I was already in love before I even saw the pink bags and boxes lining the front window.

We squished ourselves into the tiny little shop and proceeded to browse the varieties available.  We were cupcake-loving ladies on a mission, you guys, I am serious. They feature about a dozen cupcakes on any given day, from a list of well over 75 varieties.  The place was packed with text-happy teenage girls and I was hungry, excited, and wanted out asap.  I had been hoping for maybe a couple vegan varieties, but I was pleased to later learn that they strive to use local dairy and eggs.  I ended up playing it safe with Vanilla²  (vanilla on vanilla) and a citrus cake with a lovely twirl of lime-green frosting for its hat.   My beloved roommate and her sister went all out and bought a dozen for us all to sample from.

We braved a bakery on a Saturday afternoon and lived to tell the tale.  I would absolutely love to go back on a weekday when school is in session and all the rest of the world is at work.  I mean, it’s kind of necessary in order to try some other flavours.

The cupcakes are lovely with rich buttery frosting and amazing filling.  After eating a cupcake and a quarter’s worth of a handful of flavours, I saved the two I purchased to share with Boyfriend.  We ate them this morning for breakfast, and I think we both agree that the citrus flavour was the best thing ever.  It was a vanilla cupcake filled with a lemon cream and topped with lime icing.  I’ve made it pretty clear how I feel about citrus.

These do keep well for a couple days in an airtight container, even after being jostled slightly in a trio of different vehicles.  Cupcakes are always best enjoyed fresh, though, probably with something tasty to drink.

Do you like my terrible food photography?  Well I hope you like my tea saucer, anyhow.  It’s one of my favourites.

Sweet Kuppin’ Cakes has a sweet little website, here.  You can also follow them on twitter (@SweetKuppinCake) to get super fun special deals.

The bakery is located 16 North Main Street in Rochester, NH.

(PS.  When you read “sweet kuppin’ cakes,” don’t you just kind of want to say it like Robin?  I sure do.)


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