water, water everywhere

World Water Week 2011 is now coming to a close, but the problem of water usage and management still remains.  There are some really stupidly simple things we can do every day to save water.

  • Check your home for leaky faucets and pipes; fix them!  Same goes for your toilet.
  • Take shorter showers.  Share a shower (♥♥). Get yourself a low flow shower head (evolve and waterpik are good places to start).
  • Hold off on doing laundry until you have a full load. Learn how to properly use the settings on your washing machine.
  • Use leftover bits of water (I know you have partially-empty cups kicking around right now, don’t even lie) for your houseplants.
  • If you keep a garden or water your lawn, get yourself a rain barrel!  Also good for loading up water pistols.  Gosh, I want summertime.
  • Turn the faucet off when you’re brushing your teeth.
  • Stop drinking bottled water.  Seriously.  It’s the stupidest goddamned thing. Purchase a water bottle (or a couple) and take them with you.  Everywhere. If you have clean drinking water, take advantage of it.  Worried about mineral deposits or… whatever else?  Invest in a water filter, either for your tap or in the form of a pitcher or bottle.  Travel a lot? Short on space? Try these.  Don’t want to spend lots of money on a too hip and trendy water bottle?  I bought a stainless steel bottle at Goodwill for $4.98.  New, not donated.  Donated ones are like, 99 cents. So.  Shut up.  Also, bottled water, in the long run, is FAR more expensive.

Bottled water makes me angry.  I’m sorry.  It’s just one of those things… you know.

None of that stuff is difficult.  Not a one.  And really, just appreciate water.  It’s pretty great.  Get your eight glasses a day, go splash in a puddle, hop in a kayak.  Don’t throw your trash in the river (especially not your stupid plastic water bottle).  Good stuff.

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