cat tchotchkes save the world

Isa Chandra (co-author of Veganomicon, master of the PPK) is in the midst of a little side-project to raise awareness and funds for Trap, Neuter, Return programs. Send her your kitty-cat knick-knacks!  More details forthcoming, so keep an eye on that post.

I’m on board (it’s a pretty touchy subject, apparently), but what I am more on board with is preventing feline overpopulation in the first place, ya dig?

A pet is a pretty big responsibility.  We’re talking about a life, here, not a little electronic keychain critter.  Don’t get a pet unless a pet makes sense for your lifestyle.  Case in point: I live in a tiny apartment and I can barely afford to pay my rent and feed myself.  I’m in debt up to my eyeballs.  I will not be getting a cat any time soon.  Cats are expensive.  They need food, proper vet care, and entertainment.  If I can’t go to the doctor for a potential ear infection, I’m probably not going to be taking my cat in if he’s got worms or some other crazy cat-illness.

Once you’re ready, seriously consider adopting your pet.  There are so many lonely adult cats  (with stunning personalities!) who really need a good home. Kittens are totally adorable, but everyone wants a kitten.  Give a grown-up cat a second chance.

Have your cats spayed or neutered.  Not only does this prevent overpopulation, but it means you can give each and every one of your feline friends the love and attention he or she deserves. It can be difficult to properly socialize and care for massive numbers of cats, which leads to homeless, and sometimes dangerous critters (and the need for the aforementioned catch & release programs).  Or dead critters.  That’s also bad.

If you’ve got the time and money (and space) to spend on lots of cats, go for it, though, if you want. You’re smart.  You probably know your own limits.  Some people just… don’t. We’ve all seen Hoarders, right?  Animal Cops?  So c’mon.

It can be rough out there for animals, and you kind of have to admit that it is entirely our fault.


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