dreamy summer day

Today is just one of those genuinely nice days. I got up early. I started a new sketchbook and enjoyed lunch and a green tea smoothie with T.  I’m cozy, poking around on the internet while the boys play DDO. There’s a nice breeze through the dining room. My toes are happy in new-to-me Merrell mary janes.

I have an internet shopping list a mile long, a recipe list to match it, and a crafts & DIY to-do list to trump both.

You don’t get too many peeks into my daily life unless you follow my twitter (in which case you probably are tired of me and I am so sorry).  So how about a tiny look at a couple of these lists? These things intermingle with work and art and Star Trek on netflix, keeping me busy and happy and dreaming.

  1. I am almost out of Hurraw! balm. It’s not available locally, so I have to mass-order it online.
  2. T. and I are making hoops as soon as we get the rest of our supplies!
  3. Since there’s nowhere close to get bubble tea, I’ve just decided to start making my own at home. Ever since I left Kunming, it’s been a halfhearted dream of mine to open a bubble tea shop. Because c’mon.
  4. I have wanted this shirt from nonfiction tees for forever. I am going to purchase it as a reward for when I finish a project I’ve been slacking on.

  1. I want to make some ginger syrup for hot mules at home. (Joy the Baker)
  2. Check out this beautiful avocado shake. I might add matcha to it. Or mint? (A Cozy Kitchen).
  3. This sugar snap salad looks amazing. (Lottie + Doof)
  4. Rainbow cupcakes! I’ll probably use this vanilla cupcake recipe, sans chocolate. (Delicious Delicious Delicious, PPK)

To those of you who commented to get lamby pins, I’ll probably get those out next week once I’ve got your addresses! You’re all the sweetest. I’m so happy to have something I made go to a new home.


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