raspberry syrup

stir these together (1½ cups + aprox. 2 cups, respectively) with six cups of water

rolling boil


reduce – reduce – reduce (down to 2-3 cups)

if you want it thicker, keep on cookin’

Store in leftover peanut butter & alfredo sauce jars in the fridge (if you’re totally fancy like me). One of these jars may be missing a lid. You probably threw it out when you were cleaning the moth-infested cupboards. NBD. Use plastic wrap and a hair elastic.

stir (tablespoon-ish) into iced coffee + [soy] milk

This made a lot (three cups is a lot). You may want to make less. Play with amounts. And I’m sure you could be more efficient about it, somehow.

I had nothing but time (and no cash with which to buy fresh raspberries at the farmer’s market).

Simple syrup is cake. You can infuse it with anything. Boy and I made ginger syrup a couple weeks ago.  Beautiful.


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