some notes on being not-so-painted

A little distraction.

Last week I treated myself to four new polishes from a Zoya “buy two get two” sale.

from l-r: dove, jules, marley, shay

It’s time to be real. I’m really not much of a cosmetics person. I like lip balm. I sometimes use pressed powder and mascara. I think I own one Urban Decay eye shadow. I’m actually terrible at painting my nails, and I have a nasty habit of picking at my knuckles and the skin around my fingers. Adding nail polish to that scene is just not pretty.

Scrap paper.

You totally don’t need to see a photo of my peeling hands, right now.

This newest acquisition has brought my current nail polish collection up to a whopping five bottles, but all animal friendly and toxin free. Minimizing and making the switch to less harmful products has been incredibly satisfying. I’ve been making a serious effort to focus on quality over quantity.

Zoya polish is a simple and quality product. I dig it. In addition to being vegan and free of nasty toxins, the company sells test swatches (“colorspoons”) of all their colours. The cost of the swatches is credited back when you make another purchase through their website. Their shipping materials are minimal and recyclable.

“Dove” and “Jules” are the two I can see myself using regularly on my fingers. I might use “Shay” on my toes, if it comes to that.  I totally don’t see it coming to that. “Marley,” however, is a little silly. It’s one of those cases of go big or go home. Next time I want a colour, I’m going to be totally brave and get a colour.

** If you’re looking to switch out your polish collection, check out this article on chemwise about recycling nail polishes, which includes a list of nontoxic brands. At Earth911, you can find chemical recycling centers near you. No center? Have a swap with some friends or use your leftover polish for art and organizational projects. You can also donate new, unopened polishes to your local nonprofits or women’s shelters. Always be sure to ask before you donate! And, as always, reducing your intake to begin with wins out over reusing and recycling.  Think before you buy and make use of what you have.

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