I’ve written (a lot) about how I don’t really take photos. I’d like to change it. I’ve written about that, too.

If I were the sort of person to make new year resolutions, that one would be in there, maybe.

All the blogs I regularly read are posting year recap sorts of things and it’s making me just a little sad to not be doing the same.

People are looking back and looking forward. I am doing so rather quietly, and trying my best to pay more attention to the right now. At the moment, the right now is coffee and how I have absolutely no desire to shower for work. I should also totally make myself something to eat.

That all somehow ties in to my inability to take photos as I am doing things. Make sense of that on your own, please.

I do have this, however.

I don’t have a single normal-sized screwdriver in my house, but I have a wonderful fellow who is home sometimes to come over to fix and finish things that, even with stubborn determination, I am not strong enough to fix or finish.

While scrolling through the odd mix of snaps on my phone, this one made me the happiest.

So while I realize I should totally work on strength training in 2012, this is a nice reminder that I have pretty wonderful people in my life who will continue to be there, whether or not we’re in lots of photos together. ♥♥


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