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I have this minor love/hate thing going on with etsy. I love the idea of supporting small-time independent craftspeople and artists. I hate the prevailing holier-than-thou hipster attitude, and I really hate that in most cases, I’m forced to use paypal. I hate paypal.

But I got over it (and will continue to get over it in the future) so I could support a fellow former MassArt student, one of the ladies behind Bark Decor (read a “featured seller” interview here). These girls make lovely things, and seem like real and lovely people.

I’d like to be friends.

When they were running their 10% off promo code, which happened to coincide with my tax return, I purchased two tanks (wolf totem and astral teepee) and a print (un renard alphabet print).  My package was shipped maybe a day after my payment cleared, via priority mail and with minimal packaging (easily reusable, hooray!).

Now can we talk about how difficult it is to take a photo of yourself with a phone?

We live in a weird time. That shouldn’t even be a thing.

I totally fail at this.

My one and only issue is with the sizing of American Apparel tanks, which has nothing to do with Bark Decor, and everything to do with American Apparel being… who they are. I ordered a small, but I probably should have gone with a medium for comfort purposes and layering (LE SIGH). I totally wasn’t thinking. The screen prints are absolutely gorgeous, though, so I’m happy.

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One thought on “bark decor

  1. jess February 19, 2012 at 7:42 pm Reply

    i can’t take photos of myself period. they’re always incredibly awkward and/or somehow have laundry in the background.

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