T and I spent the last few days visiting DC. He took two photos. Of me. I took three, two of which were of cake.



This was taken at the National Postal Museum, which we visited on our first full day. We originally only planned on popping in quickly to see Owney (a big deal), but the museum itself was surprisingly delightful.  It was also blissfully quiet, which was so appreciated after our morning spent at the Natural History Museum.

Rather than “review” things (because everyone does that)*, I would like to simply share our trip itinerary, with some highlighted exhibits (my favourites). This was our first time really traveling anywhere together so, because I am a bit of a sap, this is mostly for me. Memories. Logged.

[*noted: If we had actually taken photos, I would probably devote a little more webspace to some of these places.]

Day One (March 28 / Wednesday):

  • landed late afternoon, lunched, checked into hotel in Crystal City
  • National Portrait Gallery / American Art Museum [In Vibrant Color, Annie Leibovitz: Pilgrimage] + We skipped “The Art of Video Games” for various reasons.
  • Spy Museum
  • dinner at Zengo (our main dinner outing for the trip, and it was amazing)

Day Two (March 29 / Thursday):

Day Three (March 30 / Friday):

  • Air and Space Museum
  • travel home

Our trip coincided with the National Cherry Blossom Festival (unintentionally). By the time we left on Friday, it was obvious that things were picking up in a serious way for the weekend.

I think we were both happy to finally see the Natural History and Air and Space museums, but we discovered that we’re more art museum types, at least when it comes to large cities with large numbers of tour buses and field trips happening simultaneously. There were a lot of exhibits and a lot of information in those museums that we simply couldn’t get to because of crowds (and …too-cool-for-museums/life teenagers taking duckface photos in front of everything). The Air and Space Museum on Friday was impossible, which made us both a little sad and frustrated.

Also. Here’s a thing. Why do people find it necessary to take photos of the Hope Diamond? Can’t you just buy a postcard (or a lip balm)? It was baffling.

That being said (I don’t want to sound negative!), we’ve already begun semi-planning another trip. We have lots left to see, and DC is really lovely. T travels down (and everywhere else) occasionally for work, but never gets a chance to actually see anything. It was wonderful to do something new (for both of us) together.

While on the bus down to BOS, we discovered Draw Something. You should play with me.

Username = girldust

[obligatory tourist shot]

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