oh hello

I think I’ve been a little depressed. I don’t know. I’m affected in a pretty big way by the changing of the seasons. I spend most of the winter hiding under my blankets, and when spring finally does come, it takes me a few weeks to shake off the winter blues. To help combat these blues, I’ve been indulging in a little retail therapy with my last couple paychecks. Obviously this sort of behavior (spending $60 at LUSH and another large sum on books, art supplies, and film) isn’t sustainable on my teeny tiny income, but it’s felt nice to treat myself.

I have all these big, (not)impossible TO DO’s in my head. When spring comes, I long for change, and have a tendency to jump at everything all at once; I get so overwhelmed that I end up doing nothing. For days. I am lucky to have a boyfriend who both inspires me and helps me to stay grounded and focused, but my brain still scatters.

sketch book – Alien EncountersThe Little Book of Hindu Deities – kindle – notepad – green tea & peppermint dark chocolate (new favourite)

Here are my attainable goals for this warm weather (while it lasts) season:

  • wear shorts
  • go for bike rides
  • eat less dairy and sugar
  • be kind to my hair
  • take the GRE (June 27!)
  • read, read, read
  • complete at least three art projects
  • drink more water
  • shop the farmer’s market
  • cook dinners with the boyfriend
  • dance 

For now, that will do. There are big(ger) things that aren’t on there, but they are forever on my brain.

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