three photos from Boston

On Tuesday I visited Boston while Timothy worked a Red Sox game. I don’t know why I didn’t take more photos. My phone was dying, I think.

my old apartment

in the park


It’s so strange to think that I hadn’t been to the MFA since 2004, when I was still at MassArt. A few things have changed (improved), but the things I used to love the most remain unaltered. The Asian and Islamic art galleries are still quiet, and still have that smell I loved so much.

I used to spend hours puttering around in those galleries and doodling.

Being there again was so relaxing. It’s such a calming, safe space for me.

I am going to admit to indulging in some retail therapy time while I was wandering around the city by myself…

mine] mid-quality white acrylic paint @Blick + new brushes, glittery Japanese stationery set, postcard of Ducks Swimming Upstream, cherry blossom print mini notebook, plush elephant made from recycled sari silk, Sailor Moon volume 2, High Fructose magazine volume 23, Sephora by OPI nail polish in “I Only Shop Vintage,” SpaRitual nail polish in “Epicurean”

That happened. I let it.


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