august goals update

I didn’t quite make it, but I’m happy. This has been a really wonderful summer.

Hello to September. Hello to my favourite season.

1. have  a couple proper date nights Timothy and I cleaned up nice and went to Oleana in Cambridge MA.
2. finish one mini canvas
3. go for walks in Dover, find new places
4. take photos While they were mostly quick grubby snapshots on my cellphone, I did manage to get a few shots with a borrowed Nikon D40.

[cell standard camera + Pixlr-o-matic edits]

5. try a new recipe I made a very casually thrown together chicken parm, and I’ll be trying out this wonderful brownie recipe via Smitten Kitchen to share with my dad on Wednesday!
6. finish a book I am almost finished with Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!.
7. have a beach day at Fort Foster
8. get back on the surf board We surfed the sunset at Ogunquit yesterday evening. It was probably my last session of the season, but I will be at the beach photographing T. during the winter months (he is brave and also a furnace). 

I would really like to get  out of my apartment more and putter around this little town. I have come to terms with certain anxieties, but there is… work to be done.  I am the sort to maybe panic a bit when I run out of something and need to run to the grocery store, and the prospect of sitting in a coffee shop for a couple hours by myself seems intimidating.

Action, action.


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