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Truth time. I think the term “link roundup” is actually kind of dumb sounding. And yes, I know, I’ve fallen into the trap of using it (and other weird phrases and unnecessary alteration) on multiple occasions simply because other bloggers do. Let’s try to make the internet less obnoxious, together. That’s my new goal.

Here are some things I’ve found and liked [or loved] over the last week or so. Maybe you will, too? I assume if you’re reading this blog, we may have similar taste.

*Nota bene: This will probably not ever become a consistently weekly feature. You know that.

+ The adorable Elsie of A Beautiful Mess has launched a Fall collection in collaboration with Mod Cloth. I am personally in love with the Fences and Horses scarves. They’re really the only two pieces I can realistically see myself wearing, considering my current wardrobe. Now that I’m older and have sort of found my adult style groove, I can’t really wear novelty patterns and frills and things. It’s just not me, anymore; I am by no means saying that adult women cannot wear those patterns or styles. Heck, look at everyday fashion blogs (Skunkboy, Dainty Squid, Delightfully Tacky, etc.); those women totally rock it.

+ I recently discovered Vegan Cuts (that is a referral link), though they’ve been around for a while. While I don’t eat a vegan (or even vegetarian) diet, I do choose animal/earth-friendly beauty and home products. The site tends to feature smaller, independent companies, and it’s sort of nice to be able to splurge on fancy things (like… a fifteen dollar candle)* without it being too much of a splurge. This gives me yet another great excuse to try out PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics, too!

+ I used to be friends with this incredible woman via Livejournal. That was another world altogether, right? I just randomly discovered her etsy shop, and had myself a mini freakout. There were a lot of other factors at play, but she was one of the people who indirectly inspired me to leave MassArt and pursue something healthier and happier. Leaving art school made my art better. It turned it into something I could actually love. I wrote once about how people we interact with over the internet can have a pretty significant impact on our lives. She was one of those people. Erin is a beautiful human being, inside and out.

+ This amazing gallery of art and embroidery was discovered through another lovely and inspiring lady, ALB (also a former LJ contact). I am in love with the magical girls set. I don’t know anything about this artist, so if anyone else has any information, that would be great.

+ SEIBEI has finally launched the new zines/comics section. I have been waiting for ages (have you ever jokingly-harassed a person you don’t actually know over twitter?), just to buy his Dungeon Crawlers zine for every single man I am friends with. He’s got some other great titles available, as well. I recently purchased two copies of Waiting for October (A Pete and Pete tribute zine) for me and Timothy. It is pure joy.

And that, I do believe, is that.  Have a great evening!


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