pedestrian cry for sanity

New Hampshire drivers, what is wrong with you?

When I’m standing at a signaled crosswalk (waiting for my little light-up man) at an intersection, it is not helpful for you to stop at your green light and wave me across. This isn’t a nice gesture. It’s annoying. It is especially annoying for the folks in the cars behind you, who are likely not expecting you to stop for no reason at a green light. I am totally not in a hurry. I can wait the minute and a half it takes for that charming little fellow to light up.

If I decide to follow the traffic laws and stay put which, as a pedestrian, I am expected to do, it’s also annoying for you to give me a hard time about it by making rude gestures and yelling.

When I am walking at a leisurely pace along a straight stretch of road and am approaching an intersection of a smaller side street that you desire to turn on to, it is not kind of you to wave me across. You’re not in a turning lane; there are people behind you who desire to go forward. Secondly, I don’t even have a crosswalk. Lastly, most importantly, I am approximately ten paces from the road you are turning on to. Go ahead and turn, for crying out loud. And don’t sneer at me when I make the intelligent decision not to change my pace just so I can give you the satisfaction of doing a good thing. It is not a good thing. It is a dumb thing. Stop being so dumb.

Here’s the thing, folks: the only time I have right of way is when I am following my lights or already in a crosswalk. Otherwise, kindly go about your driving business; it’s not going to offend me. I promise I won’t think you’re impolite.

vroom vroom


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One thought on “pedestrian cry for sanity

  1. Jnana Hodson October 7, 2012 at 2:11 pm Reply

    Just as we’re getting ’em trained to stop at the designated crosswalks!

    My guess is that you got one of the drivers who insists on letting other drivers turn left while holding up two dozen drivers behind,, half of whom won’t get through that green light cycle because he’s throwing the rhythm off. So his courtesy to one is a discourtesy to all the others. But that’s another rant.

    The pedestrians who bug me (and Dover has become a pedestrian-friendly city, which I truly appreciate on my walks) are the ones who are strolling down the sidewalk and suddenly veer into the crosswalk without looking or giving any other clue of their change of intentions. Even at 20 mph, you can’t stop a car on a dime.You don’t even have time to hit the horn. So it goes.

    Ah, all the joys of sharing the road!

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