five rules to live by

I am inspired by recent resolution posts for 2013 around the web, and by this list of twelve rules to live by. I tend to make a list of yearly goals at my birthday, but the start of a new global year is a good time to think about my personal philosophy, and my aspirations that are not necessarily tangible. These are simple things I can do every day that will make my life happier.

1. I will read [a book] for at least half an hour every day. I never make enough time for myself to do this; I get caught up in puttering around online or watching dumb television on Netflix. I will skip that episode of whatever I have seen a hundred times, and read a few pages of something.

2. I will not let the negative energy of other people get me down.

3. I will not be afraid to let other people know what I want or need. If I have an opinion, I will express it.    I will not say, “I don’t know,” when I absolutely do know.

4. I will make healthier decisions about the food I choose to eat. While I still hesitate to give myself any strict rules regarding food (as this can go downhill very, very quickly), I think I’m currently capable to put minor limits on myself without becoming obsessive. I know that I have the tools and support I need if I start to verge in that direction.

5. I will express love (for myself, for family, for community, for environment), in some way, every day.

Most importantly, I will not dwell. I will move forward and let myself be happy. I will be brave. I’ll do things that terrify me. And it will be fun.


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