rest, finally


New sketchbook! My first Moleskine. I’ve used the pocket graph paper notes as sketch pads, but never an actual book. The paper is a nice cream colour. I like. I am thinking pen and ink for this, but I’m not sure.

Additional bullets:

I’ve spent the last couple days working in a soon-to-open new Goodwill store (Amherst, NH). It’s been exhausting. Amherst is an hour+ drive from here, and the weather today was the worst. Slick roads, grey skies. I will say, however, that being in a brand new store has been a bit of a treat. For opening day, they like to pack the shelves. It’s pretty crazy.

I have been eating and sleeping terribly due to stress (or maybe sleeping terribly and being stressed due to poor diet?), and am hoping to get back on track tomorrow with a trip to Dover Natural Foods. I need bananas and almond milk and broccoli to feel better. Mostly I need a full night of sleep.

I treated myself to a new bra (free, thanks to a coupon!) and underwear for Valentine’s Day. I’ve always really liked the Aerie line from American Eagle. Decent, everyday quality. Super comfy. And, for a mid-range brand, even the lacier things hold up nicely if properly taken care of (hand washed and air-dried). Their regular undies can stand gentle washing and drying on low heat.


I have a nice Valentine gift for Timothy, too, of course. I’ll share later, I’m just pleased as punch that he’ll be home, this year. I bought the sappiest card I could possibly find.

Looking at the status page of my UNH application is freaking me out, so I won’t be checking in on that for a few weeks or so. Documents that I sent ages ago (that should be showing up) are not showing up, but then I remember the e-mail I received stating that it can take weeks to process, especially around February and March.

Like I said, I need a good night’s sleep. Deep breaths.

I hope you are well. ♥

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