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I wanted to share little glimpses of my apartment with you, today, but I realized that would involve a lot of dusting. I’m not feeling that. Instead I’ll show you some of what I’d like to do with my tax return (another part is going towards our vacation). I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the way I spend money on clothes, to the point where I’ve developed a few goals:

  • reduce, re-organize; donate what I don’t need
  • develop my adult style
  • invest in long-term pieces
  • properly launder everything
  • buy versatile accessories
  • purchase second-hand when possible
  • support US, eco-friendly, fair trade, and independent companies when buying new
  • document style on an occasional basis
  • take advantage of even the smallest opportunities to dress nicely

Obviously, I shop thrift a lot, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. I purchase a lot of clothes that aren’t quality, or that are pieces I only wear a couple times. I also end up with some things that, despite how much I love them, simply do not fit me properly. That being said, I’ve purchased so many items at Goodwill, practically new, that I really and truly love. The majority of them are from higher-ish end labels, and have serious lasting power if I take care of them properly. They’re things I would have never really wanted to spend $40+ on with my paycheck, but I was able to “test them out” for less than $5. Now that I recognize the quality level, I’ll be less hesitant to spend serious money on new pieces. My favorite brand to thrift is Banana Republic. What have I become? Seriously, though, a decade ago I was ripping the brand name tags out of all my clothing. I was also alternating between Gothic Lolita fashion and wearing combat boots and my Dad’s flannel shirts. Ho hum. I guess I’m not so punk rock (or…whatever), anymore.

(I still wear a lot of flannel.)

I have also decided that building a quality collection of lingerie is on my mental “thirty before 30” bucket list. Yes ma’am. It’s even more important to me that these pieces be high-end and made with kindness to people and to the planet.


  1. hi-lo skirt by Threads for Thought via Modcloth
  2. oh darling lets be adventurers tote by Fifi Du Vie via etsy
  3. kindling sweatshirt by Kin Ship & First Mate via etsy
  4. convertible scarf dress by Vicky Dubois Design via etsy
  5. twin peaks brooch by Kate Rowland via etsy
  6. okapi infinity scarf in gravel and black by Bark Decor via etsy
  7. sterling silver textured circle earrings by etco via etsy
  8. oatmeal top via Modcloth

The pieces in this collage won’t be worn together, but everything works with clothing I already own and love to wear. This is going to be a key element in my clothing selection process from now on. I am hoping to maintain my current “practical to statement” piece ratio. Some things (like the tote above) are a combination, uh, assuming I get accepted to graduate school. On the practical side of this ratio, I am in desperate need of dress socks, high quality black leggings and a pair of black work shoes. Clogs or something? I don’t know. If anyone has any suggestions on the leggings or the shoes, I am all ears.

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