Collection: teacups

This collection was accidental.

It started innocently enough. First, a hand painted set  that my father found while sorting through boxes in our barn before I left for college.  The second was a set with a teal stripe and pink roses that I found myself inexplicably drawn to while he and I were poking around a vintage/apothecary shop in Greensboro, Vermont the August I returned home from China. The woman who owned the shop was friends with Dad (he knows everybody), and decided it should be a birthday present, along with some hand mixed herbal tea bags.

I honestly had no intention to continue gathering teacups.

A couple years ago, during my first few months living here in Dover, Timothy’s dad came home one day with three boxes packed with mismatched newspaper-wrapped cups and saucers.

I matched them up, and kept my favorites.








Many of these are souvenir cups, and I love those the most.

The one I actually use for tea-drinking when I’m at the house? I still have a soft spot for my pink roses with teal and gold detailing.

This collection isn’t one I’m actively growing, but I’m sure someday another cup might catch my fancy.


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