Mail Day (featuring Mexicali Blues)

It’s a little strange to receive mail from a semi-local company. Like, I guess it kind of defeats the purpose of shopping local. That being said, I don’t drive. My footprint is pretty limited. Also, fun fact: this purchase was shipped and received the same day (probably because Mexicali Blues’ warehouse is only about an hour and a half away… shhh).


These earrings are sterling silver with abalone inlay, and I am smitten. I bought a couple other things (including a too-small shirt I have to return), but these are my favourite. Tax return dollars well-spent. I thought I deserved a mid-winter pretty something. The color of these is really beautiful, lots of purple and blue. I think of it a bit like taking a small piece of the ocean with me wherever I go. This time of year, I need that.

Getting little things in the mail never fails to brighten my spirits, even if I’m grouchy or in the midst of fighting off a cold (I am both of those things).

I’ll be cutting this short, today, so I can crawl back under my afghan with my Cold-Eeze and tea. Have you gotten anything fun in the mail, lately? ♥


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