Collection: elephants

I was tidying up my room recently and realized that my collection of elephants has grown quite a bit!


Re-sharing this little thrifted lamp, because I love it so.

This collection of elephants isn’t as big as my owls collection, but I’ve been growing it slowly, with carefully chosen pieces. Honestly, I think my collection of owls is in need of a thoughtful purge, especially when it comes to the jewelry I amassed while working at Claire’s. I think it might just be time to say goodbye. (Since first drafting this post, I have cleared out and donated half my necklaces, including two of the three owl pendants I had! It feels so good.)

With the exception of the last photo, I’ve taken these pieces all out of context for the sake of documentation. Each elephant is displayed in a different part of my room. I have a hard time displaying collections together as one cohesive unit. This may change when my space changes, or it may not. I’d like to think things will  be a bit different when I have a house to decorate instead of just one room.

While putting this post together, I was inspired to read a bit about the use of elephants in Feng Shui. Not something I prescribe to (I am not a believer in luck, in that sense), but interesting nonetheless. I do feel a bit more calm when I have certain elements in certain places, though. I tend to think that’s just the ritual of object placement. I am comforted by consistent patterns in my living space (while those patterns may seem a little cluttered and …unpatterened to others). I feel a bit less like myself when things are out of place or unused.





*Today is the first day of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Everybody knows somebody. Learn what you can do to help.


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