100 Things


I am listing one hundred things I am thankful for. These are one hundred things that make me feel happy, safe, loved (and loving), inspired. They are everywhere, everything.

Spring is a time for remembrance and renewal. I’ve always found that a little difficult. I tend to dwell, and only on the negative, especially when it comes to myself, my own personal failings. I want to be refreshed, but I want to stay grounded. I am slowly learning that those desires are not necessarily contradictory. This is a season for development. Positive thinking.

Part one, numbers one through twenty-five. 

I am a list-maker.

  1. sunshine
  2. my first dog, a loyal and heroic golden retriever named Taffy
  3. false memories
  4. warm toes
  5. waffles
  6. the ocean
  7. clean drinking water
  8. soil
  9. mourning doves
  10. my father
  11. my mother
  12. skin
  13. Vermont and Vermonters
  14. the house I grew up in
  15. the girls I grew up with
  16. giant trees
  17. my right to choose
  18. color
  19. vision
  20. summer thunderstorms
  21. a stable, healthy relationship with the man I love
  22. comfortable silence
  23. books, the ability and freedom to read them
  24. my older brother
  25. coffee

To be continued.

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One thought on “100 Things

  1. 100 Things | girldust March 22, 2013 at 9:04 pm Reply

    […] I am continuing with my list of one hundred things I am thankful for, started here. […]

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