100 Things


This is the third installment. I am listing one hundred things I am thankful for.

  1. grey cats (specifically Gumdrop and Johnathan Boomerang Densmore)
  2. ordering delivery food over the internet
  3. Timothy’s parents
  4. fields
  5. being barefoot
  6. the future (my own, mostly)
  7. my former boyfriends
  8. non-petroleum lip balm
  9. cedar trees
  10. my trip to China

Today I am sticking with a shortened segment of the list, if only because I am a bit worn down. I received my enrollment decision for the graduate program I applied to. The result was… disappointing. I put all my eggs into one very narrow (highly competitive) basket. I am letting myself feel it for a couple days, and fighting the urge not to be disappointed in myself. I have some ideas I would like to explore. There are options.  ♥


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