Friends and Mothers


Thursday was the first of what I hope to be many “Girl Adventure” days, this summer. We hiked around a bit at Vaughan Woods in South Berwick and made a quick trip to Long Sands Beach in York (photo). Bigger hikes are in the works, but it was so nice to get outside.  It was even nice to just ride around in the car. The weather has been beautiful here, lately.

I have been fortunate enough to make a couple of actual friends at my current job, women that I really enjoy spending time outside of work with. This doesn’t happen often; as an introvert, making and keeping real friends has been hard for me as an adult. It is so easy for me to e-mail, tweet, and blog, but when it comes to face-to-face interaction, I am unbearably awkward.  I was so worried when I moved here three years ago that I would make no friends and have no life, especially if I didn’t immediately get into school. Now, I am definitely seeing a possibility of remaining friends with these women even after the inevitable exit from Goodwill.

We started out having after-work drink nights, but realized that having daylight excursions could be even more enjoyable. Plans are in the works for hiking trips, shopping trips, bowling, girl stuff.  It seems somewhat strange at a glance that I would bond with women who are mothers, since I have absolutely no point of reference.  Despite my inexperience in those particular matters, I am still made to genuinely feel like I offer stability and good advice. It’s nice. It’s empowering.

It was brought to my attention today that Mother’s Day is in one week. May and June can be a bit of a blur. I’ve been thinking about putting together a small gift for these friends who are mamas (and one of my childhood friends recently had a baby!). I like the idea of surprising them, and the action helps turn what is a somewhat down day for me into something a little more positive and loving. It should be a positive day. The moms I know deserve celebrating.



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