let the sun shine in


priming canvas // tort // downtown Dover // magic

I’ve been a bit manic lately. And depressed. And anxious. I don’t know how a person can feel all these things at once.

I have a lot going on, and a lot more that I would like to have going on. Does that make sense? I stress about not having a MASTER PLAN, but I feel too overwhelmed to make one for myself.  I’ve started back on my iron pills again, as of yesterday, which should hopefully get me out of this funk. I definitely need to be more proactive about my health. Summer (and life, gosh) is far too short to feel so out of sorts; there are too many wonderful things I need to do.

There is a lot of good surrounding me. This is going to be a happy, productive week.

Please, let’s all be kind to each other. Soak it in, breathe it out. I know I’m a happier person when I actively choose kindness.

++ You still have a few more hours to enter my gemstone giveaway. Leave a comment on that post if you’d like to win!

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