Hello, April / March Recap

When did April happen?

March was productive, but not necessarily in physical, measurable ways. Does that still count as productivity? It’s all in my head. Small steps to becoming a better person.

April will be even better. My post-vacation to do list will be a mile long.

Timothy’s birthday was the 28th.


Montezuma’s Sea Dog (not pictured) // High Precision Dice // The Dude & The Zen Master


On the last day of March (Easter for lots of you!), I got some air in my tires and took my bike for its first ride of the season.


I think this chive pot is a little too big for the windowsill. I like the idea of having some indoor, ready-to-use herbs, but this particular plant may need to be planted outside when it’s warm enough.



  • I have found multiple grey hairs. I am okay with it.
  • Today is officially Day One of a new sugar ban. I’ve done it before, I can do it again. After I succeed  I will be tackling my snacking habit. One thing at a time.
  • I cracked the screen on my phone. I feel like this is some sort of smartphone milestone? Timothy had to talk me down (via text, so clearly the phone is fine), because breaking something so expensive is not a thing I am comfortable with, even if it was a hand-me-down.
  • I had some bullets about mental health, but these may deserve their own entry. It’s also possible that I may still be too angry to take that on. It is not that anyone who has offended me in this regard actually reads this blog, but I do have vague relationships to maintain, for the time being.
  • ELEVEN days until we leave for Saint John.
  • I am currently actively reading five SIX different books, which is a little ridiculous. SIX. SIX!? I started a new one, today. I am a lunatic.
  • I need to call my family. Have I talked about my phone anxiety before? I think I probably have.
  • At some point, I will be sharing what’s left of my “Before Saint John” list with you, because obviously I need to have multiple copies. That list includes a visit to a tanning booth. Ugh. I know.
  • I am doing another round of sorting my stuff for donation and trash purposes. Is this in preparation for some sort of move/big life change? Oh, I don’t know. Probably… yes! The end of the summer is looking ideal.
  • I haven’t mentioned anything about grad school because I haven’t heard anything, yet.
  • I bought this pair of Sanuks. Not for work, but they will be comfy for walking and non-work activity that requires shoes, this summer.



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One thought on “Hello, April / March Recap

  1. Draped in Cloudlets April 3, 2013 at 4:27 pm Reply

    Oh my, phone anxiety, same here. I talked to my family a few days ago, but it was really hard work to pick up the phone :-)

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