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Things I Love {summer lovin’}


  1. I mentioned these shoes when I got them, but now that I’ve had them for a few weeks, and worn them in various locations (airports, the beach, at work, around town) I can safely say that I am IN LOVE with Sanuk. I will definitely be buying another pair. I’ve never experienced brand loyalty when it comes to shoes.
  2. I love my Nalgene. It’s been years since I’ve had one (I left one behind in Burlington), and I figured a 32 ounce water bottle would be a good thing to have in time for summer. I went stainless for a little over six months last year, but I will never go back. I am generally against using plastic, but I figure my lack of disposable menstrual products makes up for one reusable plastic water bottle. For me, being “green” (actually, purple) is all about balance. I make choices that suit me.
  3. This stuff saved my hair upon our return from the Caribbean. My body and my soul love the ocean, my hair (fine, straight, long) definitely does not. My hair spent the majority of the week either in a messy bun or total tangles. This will be a lifesaver during our surfing months. I also use it before bed three times a week or so. It smells divine.
  4. I can’t wait to get myself a balance board. I really love the look of this one from Jfit. Also on the fitness list for summer is a hoop (finally). I don’t do well exercising simply for the sake of it. I am easily distracted, so I need to be fully engaged. Surfing (or anything in the ocean), hiking, and balance/so-called “flow arts” speak to me. Next year I will look into slack lines; I don’t have a great place to put one, right now!
  5. It is summer. You know what that means. I never was that big on beer until I moved to the seacoast (in Vermont I was more of a cider-drinker); we have too many great breweries around here. Shipyard is out of Portland, ME.

What’s on your summertime happy-list?

BONUS: Mr. Zog’s board wax // the prettiest rash guard [Zimmermann Brightside for Madewell] // Kiss my Face SPF lipbalm

** SERIOUSLY THOUGH that rash guard

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